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Praise be to Allah, and we use it Been and thankfully the passage of twelve-year-old engineer at the opening of the office / Samir Saleh Apoglah Consulting Engineers since 25/12/1423 and with the passage of time has become the office has sufficient capacity to provide integrated engineering services in all disciplines (Area - design - buildings supervision - supervision roads - the supervision of the business of electrical - a laboratory for examination and testing materials - Center for geographic Information Systems) And do not spare the office by two - the application of methods of management and quality of modern engineering such as value engineering and total quality management as well as collaboration with universities and especially the Umm Al Qura University in training engineering students in all disciplines and which is considered one of the requirements for graduation in the College of Engineering.
Eng. Sameer Aboghalia

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Keen Office Engineer / Samir Saleh Abu boiled Consulting engineering and soil testing and material testing to provide the finest and the best engineering services by engineers from various disciplines and the latest technical equipment. The office seeks to train students in various departments of the faculties of Engineering and provide jobs for the various slides with achieving Saudization rate required by the regulations and instructions.

The main office work in the following:

1) implementation of quality control and supervision programs.
2) evaluation of pavement layers.
3) Implementation of soil tests and plant foundations.
4) detection of structural elements of buildings.
5) the work of the different spatial Alrvoat.
6) design and supervision in the field of buildings and road works