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Our Services

Design and Consulting Services

 Consulting services to help design spatial databases, applications and systems with high efficiency meet customer needs in geographic information systems

Create spatial information services and integration

 Services help create the data in the creation of spatial data from paper maps, images and visualizations various space

Spatial Analysis

 The analysis of spatial data services are essential in many different decisions, and we can provide assistance in the tasks of spatial analysis required the best choice and the best path and querying spatial location.

Surveying projects and applications

 Conversion of spatial data derived from global positioning devices and GPS stations integrated Surveying Total Station to spatial information within the geographical database GDB for use in various engineering projects.

GIS Training Courses

 The center held training courses, where that training programs designed to meet the needs of any person interested in the field of geographic information systems GIS and also for companies and center equipped with the latest ways and means of various educational boards of light, and the high potential of devices and certified trainers.

Studies of natural hazards

 The work of the hydrological and geological studies related to natural hazards such as: